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Meet Andrew Divoff at Wales Comic Con

Our founder Andrew Divoff will be at Wales Comic Con April 21-22, 2018. While in Wales, Andrew has had a chance to be inspired by local breweries. Here’s his announcement from his recent Facebook post:

“Hello HellaKids!!! Cheers BeerNuts!!! A shoutout from Beautiful Wales where I will be attending the Wales Comic at Wrexham Glyndŵr University.

As I mention in the video, I spent yesterday afternoon strolling through Chester and came upon my new favorite Micro-Brewery in the world, Brewhouse & Kitchen where I met Matthew – Head Brewer, Todd and Sam who together make this a stop worth taking. I told these fine gentlemen about my fledgling brewery, Three Marm Brewing, and about having our first ever commercial batch of the Djinn’s Hellabrew fermenting as we speak. They were kind enough to offer their advice and insight as we progress and I am indeed very thankful and excited about that.

I will have two of my 2 oz 925 silver/rhodium plated Djinn Rings with Garnet, sculpted by me, with me for the event. To all my old and new friends, please come by my table and ask me about them. 

BEST, for now, ADD”

Check out the gallery below for photos of Andrew’s sightseeing in Wales!

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Brewday 2018: Our first commercial batch of Djinn’s Hellabrew

The past week has been eventful for Three Marm Brewing. Even though we are still working toward opening our taproom, we will be getting out beer on shelves in California in the near future! We are now contract brewing with Inland Island Brewing Company to create our first commercial batch of the Djinn’s Hellabrew, the first beer we created. Watch the process unfold in the videos below.

Andrew Divoff preps the habanero peppers:

Andrew Divoff, Chad Ambrose, Donnie Strodtman, and Adam Hernandez zest a massive batch of limes. It’s all pun and games at first, but the process gets old really quickly:

And finally, the BIG DAY arrives. Andrew, Adam, Donnie and Chad start brewing on April 9:

Visit this page and follow us on Instagram page @threemarmbrewing for more announcements as we near distribution.

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Andrew Divoff thanks our first “333 Friends” members

While at the New Jersey Horror Con and Film Festival, our founder Andrew Divoff made this announcement thanking Three Marm’s partners and those who have become the first members of the 333 Friends program. Although the 333s have not officially been launched due to the fact we are currently finalizing our swag bag and other perks, we are grateful to those who have taken an early leap of faith and purchased a share of this membership. Your purchases have helped us fund the swag that each of the 333 Friends will receive, and also help us defray our start-up expenses, including equipment, rent and utilities at our facility.

Watch the video below to learn more.


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MFTAC scholarship applications are now open


The second-year Mountain Film and Theatre Arts Committee scholarship application period is now open until March 30, 2018. MFTAC provides scholarships to two students attending  high school in the Lake Arrowhead region of the San Bernardino Mountains in California. MFTAC is one of several causes supported by Three Marm Brewing, and we will be raising funds for the scholarship again at the Lake Arrowhead Brewfest on August 11, 2018.

To learn more about the scholarship and how to apply, visit MFTAC’s official website.

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We just tried our new lager “Trugger”

I have never been so jealous of the rest of the Three Marm team as right now. Due to living in Nebraska, I was unable to take part in the tasting of our newest beer “Trugger,” which was brewed in collaboration with Adam Draeger of Inventors Brewpub. The Three Marm team members who were able to partake described “Trugger” (our unofficial “place-holder” name for our new lager) as both reminiscent of a summer hike in the woods and a beer you would have on a winter evening with warm stew by the fire, and as having a pine flavor that is a great palette cleanser.

Here’s what each team member had to say when they reported back to me with their findings.

Andrew Divoff: “Trugger is a hearty mountain lager and besides its beautiful copper color, it has a bright, refreshing taste that’ll give you a mouth full of fresh, piney, mountain air. It comes in at a robust 4.9 abv with an ibu of 22.1.”

Donnie Strodtman: “I think it has more of an amber ale character and style, and the subtle hint of Spruce makes this beer an ideal Mountain Beer.”

Chad Ambrose: “Don’t let its copper color fool you; this lager from Three Marm is very refreshing, leaving you with a hint of mountain pine!  Letting you know, it was brewed with the mountains at heart , will definitely drink many of these.”

Adam Hernandez: “I agree with Chad; mountain pine is what I was thinking. Also the color looked great and the foam was a little light. Smells fruity but taste was piney like spruce.”

I know I can’t wait to try it during my visit to the next Brewfest! In the meantime, we’ll be sharing updates when this beer is ready for distribution.

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Introducing our our new lager “Trugger”

Andrew Divoff provides a first look at our newest beer, a lager we are nicknaming “Trugger” until its official release. Trugger is a collaboration between Three Marm Brewing and Adam Draeger of Inventors Brewpub. Fans of the Djinn’s Hellabrew may recall that Adam brewed the first-ever batch of Hellabrew, which debuted at the horror convention Rock and Shock in 2014. Click Andrew’s video below for more information!


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Join us at the 9th Annual Lake Arrowhead Brewfest!

Andrew Divoff and the rest of the crew at Three Marm Brewing will be back for the Lake Arrowhead Brewfest, August 11, 2018!  Once again, we will be raising funds to support the Mountain Film and Theater Arts Committee, for which your small donation-above the cost of admission- will give you unlimited samples of our own Djinn’s Hellabrew and any other featured brews at our VIP table. Andrew will be bartending and available to sign photos to benefit MFTAC.

Click here to buy your tickets now!

Check out this video from the 8th Annual Lake Arrowhead Brewfest below, from our new YouTube channel, Three Marm TV, to get an idea of the great time to be had at the Brewfest!


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MFTAC Scholarship Updates

The 2017 MFTAC scholarship winners (left to right): Sydney, Tyler, and Trisha

Three Marm Brewing has raised funds for the Mountain Film and Theater Arts Committee (MFTAC) since 2016, with the support of Wicks Brewing Co.

MFTAC was founded by Andrew Divoff with the great help of Robin Bull (Lake Arrowhead Chamber of Commerce president), John Connor (owner of the Tudor House),  and Mary Justine Lanyon (former Editor in Chief of the Mountain News.) The scholarship is designed to help individuals living in the mountain communities to pursue a career in the performing arts.

Andrew has these updates to share via his Facebook page:

“Please say hello and congratulations , from left to right, to Sydney, Tyler and Trisha. These young people are the first ever recipients of the Mountain Film and Theatre Arts Committee Scholarship (MFTAC).

The scholarships were awarded on May 23rd past [2017], and these students are no doubt awash with the hopes and dreams of what is to come. I have told them they will always be welcome to come back to their home ground and share their experiences with the community and with those students who hope to follow in their footsteps. …All of them are putting their scholarships to good use. Most recently, Trisha tells me she is studying with Michelle Greene – of LA Law fame and a community member – and intends to further her studies at University level.

I am reaching out to you now to thank you for your support and so that you might see the faces of those young lives you have helped to inspire with your generosity…”

Stay tuned for announcements regarding 2018’s MFTAC scholarship applications.

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Three Marm featured in Tidbits (November 3-December 1, 2017) Article: “Hollywood Hero”

Three Marm Brewing founder Andrew Divoff was recently interviewed by Kelly Wilson in Tidbits, a newspaper covering business and entertainment in the San Bernardino Mountains. Andrew discusses the team’s vision for the brewery, recipes in development, charity work, and more! To read the full issue containing the article, “Hollywood Hero, Local Good Guy to Open Crestline Brewery,” view the November 3-December 1, 2017 issue in the Tidbits online archive.

Article used with permission of Kelly Wilson.