333 Friends Share


An exclusive membership, Lifetime rewards

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Become one of 333 Friends of Three Marm Brewing Co., Enjoy Lifetime Benefits

When you purchase a 333 Friends Share from Three Marm Brewing, you become part of an exclusive group of individuals who will receive lifelong benefits once we open our taproom in 2019.

Each of the 333 Friends will receive one free pint of beer per day, for life.*

Friends will also receive exclusive swag, including:

  • Three Marm Tote 
  • 16 oz/Pint glass with Three Marm logo in rich forest green print 
  • Three Marm Cozie
  • Deluxe leather embossed Three Marm coaster
  • A personalized Three Marm Friends certificate 
  • Three Marm solid copper dog-tag with our logo and your Friends number engraved on it


Our hand-engraved pint glass with your Friends number engraved on the back of it. This is your pint glass and will stay in house at our taproom waiting for your visit. We expect to have our taproom ready for pouring some time in mid 2019. 

Our logo tote bag

Our Three Marm beer cozie (in red or black)

Three Marm logo leather coaster

Personalized certificate signed by Andrew Divoff and Donnie Strodtman

Engraved copper dog-tag with your Friends Share number on it.


*You must appear at our taproom in person and present your numbered dog tag along with a valid ID demonstrating that you are 21 years old or older to claim your pint per diem.

Have Questions?

Visit our 333 Friends Shares informational page and our FAQ page.