Hey HellaKids!!! Cheers BeerNuts!!! Feliz Navidad!
Just a quick message to let you know things are moving along nicely with the Community Table for Three Marm Brewing Co. in Crestline, CA.
This is PuppyGirl Satan’s ugly duckling slab becoming a beautiful Black Oak Swan. The slab is from a 400 year old black oak that blew over on the golf club about 3 years ago.

The first shot in this progression shows the marks left by the 2×4 blocks the slab was sitting on under all of the other slabs stacked on top of it.
The second shot in the progression shows the marks receding under the weight of a 3″ x 24″ belt sander with 36 grit rolling through it.

The third shot in the progression shows the now ready for sealing slab after hitting it with 60 grit on a palm sander and finishing with 80 grit for final clean-up. I could afford to stop at 80 grit on this side of the slab as it will be face down. The table-top side will go through several more progressions before being ready for you to sit around it…all the way up to 1200 fine. At that time the voids on the topside will be filled with crushed Carnelian, Malachite and Turquoise as well as some odds and ends eye candy.
The last shot in the progression shows the seal that both top and bottom will sport.

Sanding the beautiful finish on the community pub table to erase all the uneven spots and get rid of the 1 brush hair I didn’t spot!
Afterward, I will apply a second coat and make the surface even beautifuller. BEST, ADD