333 Friends Shares


Become one of 333 Friends of Three Marm Brewing Co.

Our 333 Friends Shares program is our in-house crowdfunding campaign. By purchasing one or more Friends Shares, you will help us defray start-up expenses related to remodeling our property, paying for needed equipment and utilities, and covering legal fees related to permits and licenses.

Enjoy Lifetime Benefits

When you become a Friend of Three Marm Brewing, you become part of an exclusive group of individuals who will receive lifelong benefits once we open our taproom in 2020.

Each of the 333 Friends will receive one free pint of beer per day, for life.*

Friends will also receive exclusive swag, including:

  • Our Three Marm Tote for carrying your picnic goodies, or a six pack of our 22 oz Djinn’s HellaBrew, or your beach day must haves.

  • Our 16 oz/Pint glass with Three Marm logo in rich forest green print includes our web and IG addresses right on the glass so you can reach out and share your thoughts on our brew while you drink it.

  • Our Three Marm Cozie to keep your bottle or can at the perfect temperature.

  • Our deluxe leather embossed Three Marm coaster is a great addition for your table setup. We recommend adding a dab of neats foot oil to soften it and water/beer proof it.

  • A personalized Three Marm Friends certificate showing your Friends number with the Three Marm gold seal and signed by our founder Andrew Divoff. The certificate comes in a red window envelope to protect it until you decide on the coolest possible frame for it.

  • Three Marm solid copper dog-tag with our logo and your Friends number engraved on it. The tag comes in a box with our gold seal on it and includes a microfiber cloth with Three Marm logo to polish your tag or sunglasses with. Also engraved on the copper dog-tag are the abbreviations for the toast shared between Friends: “FF” – Friends Forever!, and the reply “FFTS” – Friends From The Start!

*Here’s how it works; you come in and give the beertender your dog-tag (along with a valid ID to prove you are at least 21 years old), he retrieves your very own hand-etched glass (with your Share number on the back) and pours your first pint gratis, per diem, pro vita – that means your first pint free, per day, for life.


Your own hand-etched pint glass will be kept in our taproom for your personal use.


Once sold out, the Friends Shares will never be offered again!

Become our Friend today!