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The Djinn’s Hellabrew

Djinn’s HellaBrew (Djinn: pronounced like Gin) is the flagship ale for Three Marm Brewing Co. Located in Crestline, California. It is a Belgian Golden Strong Ale and is spiced with roasted habanero peppers and Persian lime and comes in at a 7.5% abv…Definitely intended for the adventurous palate.

The Djinn’s Hellabrew began as a collaboration between Andrew Divoff and Adam Draeger in 2014, inspired by Andrew’s malevolent character in Wishmaster.

The DHB has been poured at the Lake Arrowhead BrewFest since 2015 and has been poured in support of charities and community causes and in the southern California area.

The DHB pairs well with meats, fish and poultry and makes a great Bloody Beer for Brunch and BBQs.

7.55% ABV

What People are Saying About the Djinn’s Hellabrew

This is perfection! An ideal blend of spicy yet crisp and refreshing. Can’t wait for distribution.”—Cathy W., Untappd

“This is a unique Belgian strong golden ale with a mildly spicy aroma, Persian lime flavor, and a habanero finish that warms the throat.” –Erica W., Untappd

“A tremendous, unique Belgian. A crisp start with a strong finish. The citrus and habanero make for a truly awesome brew.”—Derek H., Untappd

“Nice brew. Great balance between flavor and heat.” –Joe T., Untappd

“Very satisfying taste with a unique bite. A great beer overall with HIGH Alcohol content! Great craft beer with a lot of taste.” –Dan M., Untappd

“Had a chance to try this at the 2015 Lake Arrowhead Brewfest. This is nicely balanced, lime against habanero, very nice!”—Theresa G., Untappd

Trugger Logger Lager

Your first taste of our Trugger Logger Lager is  like a gulp of fresh mountain air. It is spiced with real, fresh spruce tips and is a tribute to our local mountain culture. The piney spruce finish pairs nicely with grilled veggies, ribs, poultry and burgers basted/brushed with spicy or tangy BBQ sauces.

San Bernardino Forest has suffered greatly in recent decades from among other Tree Killers, the bark beetle. Our overgrown forests have over 500 trees an acre, while a healthy forest has 50 trees an acre. It is easy to figure out there is not enough water to go around. 

Three Marm supports the concept of allowing our local woodsmen to tag and remove a select number of trees as an alternative to clear-cutting. This targeted removal would bring the forest woods population within healthy and manageable numbers, diminish the constant fear of wildfire damage and make sure we can hike through shady forests for generations to come. Please join the conversation on our socials.

4.9% ABV

Cowboy Imperial IPA

Go West Young Pioneer!
We at Three Marm are very
happy to present our first
foray into the India Pale Ales.
Our COWBOY Imperial IPA is a tribute to the Western Pioneer culture. For many young pioneers of the early and middle decades of the 19th century, the American West held an almost mythical allure. This vast immigration of Pioneers from the Eastern and Mid-Western states changed the face of the west forever, bringing with it innovation and industry that defines the present day idea of the “Golden West”.

The “COWBOY” is brewed with only the finest grains and features
El Dorado hops – one of our favorites. “El Dorado” is an old Cowboy Town in Kansas, a provisioning stop for easterners going west, and is Spanish for “The Golden One” “The Golden Land”. Enjoy the mellow fruit, agave, and earthy sage notes with your favorite BBQ Fixins.
Happy Trails!

Our Cowboy IPA debuted at the 9th Annual Lake Arrowhead Brewfest in 2018. Its smooth finish is certain to win over even those who are not fans of IPA’s and hoppy beers.

8.2% ABV

Robusto Horchata Porter

Our ROBUSTO-Horchata Porter is a well rounded porter with cacao
and toasted coconut notes on the nose and up front. It follows up
smoothly with light cinnamon and Horchata notes on the finish.
Cacao, coconut, and the tigernut (from which Horchata is made) have all been consumed on the Yucatan Peninsula And appear in Olmec lore going back 3000 plus years. It is believed the Olmecs were among
the first civilizations to ferment Cacao and drink an ancient version of
chocolate stouts and porters. Enjoy your ROBUSTO with dessert.
It is equally refreshing on a warm summer day or as your dessert sitting by a warm winter fire.

7.9% ABV

Mystic Mast Black Rum Stout

Celebrates the fusion of dark grains and malts with the flavor of the Caribbean. The coconut, cacao, vanilla, and tiger nut from which Horchata is derived, make for a rich, roasty and toasty stout. The darkly rich mouthfeel is enhanced by Black Rum Barrel aging. Pirates and Privateers alike braved the high seas to bring these once rare and exotic ingredients to the Olde World. Enjoy your Mystic Mast with roasted foods, a rich seafood chowder, or a slice of chocolate cake. You might even get adventurous with desert, and pour some over vanilla ice cream and black rum raisins. Cheers, Mateys!

14.1% ABV