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The Djinn’s Hellabrew


The Djinn’s Hellabrew began as a collaboration between Andrew Divoff and Adam Draeger in 2014, inspired by Andrew’s malevolent character in Wishmaster. Djinn’s Hellabrew is a Belgian golden strong ale with Persian lime and habanero peppers.


What People are Saying About the Djinn’s Hellabrew

This is perfection! An ideal blend of spicy yet crisp and refreshing. Can’t wait for distribution.”—Cathy W., Untappd

“This is a unique Belgian strong golden ale with a mildly spicy aroma, Persian lime flavor, and a habanero finish that warms the throat.” –Erica W., Untappd

“A tremendous, unique Belgian. A crisp start with a strong finish. The citrus and habanero make for a truly awesome brew.”—Derek H., Untappd

“Nice brew. Great balance between flavor and heat.” –Joe T., Untappd

“Very satisfying taste with a unique bite. A great beer overall with HIGH Alcohol content! Great craft beer with a lot of taste.” –Dan M., Untappd

“Had a chance to try this at the 2015 Lake Arrowhead Brewfest. This is nicely balanced, lime against habanero, very nice!”—Theresa G., Untappd


Misty(c) Mast Stout

Andrew Divoff and the rest of the crew at Three Marm debuted MISTY(C) at the 8th Annual Lake Arrowhead Brewfest, August 12, 2017. MISTY(C) is a roasty stout with hints of rum and Caribbean spices.