333 Friends Shares FAQ

As one of the 333 Friends, how do I claim my free pint per diem of beer?

You will need to be present at our taproom in Crestline, California. You will need to present your engraved dog-tag to the bartender/server along with a valid ID to show that you are 21 years old or older. The free pint must be enjoyed on-site, and does not apply to to-go orders of cans or bottles.

Is it possible to request a specific share number?

We are no longer able to accommodate requests for specific numbers due to limited stock. New Friends will automatically be assigned the next available number in sequence.

Do you offer refunds for 333 Friends Shares?

We don’t offer refunds, but we will exchange items broken during shipping with insurance back up from the shipping entity (USPS or UPS).

Is it possible to sell, transfer, or give a 333 Friends share as a gift?

Yes. Friends Shares can indeed be transferred by following these guidelines:

A Friend selling or transferring their Share will be required to mail their certificate to Three Marm Brewing, accompanied by the details of the new Friend such as name, address, age etc.

Friends Shares can also be bought as gifts for other friends or family members. We would just need all pertinent information, including how the gift recipient’s name would be printed on the new certificate.