Cheers BeerNuts!!! Well…I kind of don’t have too many clever and self serving things to say right now other than to share with you how moving it was for me to receive these photos from my friend Lorna, our recent Friend 39.

She lives just off the golf course, and though she was not there during the storm that brought down old # 38, she remembers the harvesting of it. The term may seem harsh to some, but the beauty of the harvesting thing is that from such a majestic being as this 400 year old black oak, more beauty will come, including our community table (a.k.a. Puppygirl Satan’s slab) which was harvested from this tree by my friend Vic Leader, who has done as much as anyone on the mountain to promote healthy forests and make beauty out of deadwood…I digress…

Lorna’s son who is visiting from afar, happenned to have these pics saved in his camera. 

This is Old # 38, a 400 year old black oak that will live on as a revered member of the Three Marm family in the guise of a community table meant to bring diverse humans together for a brief spell of camaraderie and good brew.

I will let Old # 38 speak to you for himself through these pics…I have taken the liberty of titling the frames:
1) Old 38’s breaking point

2) Old 38 takes a final bow

3) Old # 38, California Black Oak, Anno 1600…Lord of the Dell