I have never been so jealous of the rest of the Three Marm team as right now. Due to living in Nebraska, I was unable to take part in the tasting of our newest beer “Trugger,” which was brewed in collaboration with Adam Draeger of Inventors Brewpub. The Three Marm team members who were able to partake described “Trugger” (our unofficial “place-holder” name for our new lager) as both reminiscent of a summer hike in the woods and a beer you would have on a winter evening with warm stew by the fire, and as having a pine flavor that is a great palette cleanser.

Here’s what each team member had to say when they reported back to me with their findings.

Andrew Divoff: “Trugger is a hearty mountain lager and besides its beautiful copper color, it has a bright, refreshing taste that’ll give you a mouth full of fresh, piney, mountain air. It comes in at a robust 4.9 abv with an ibu of 22.1.”

Donnie Strodtman: “I think it has more of an amber ale character and style, and the subtle hint of Spruce makes this beer an ideal Mountain Beer.”

Chad Ambrose: “Don’t let its copper color fool you; this lager from Three Marm is very refreshing, leaving you with a hint of mountain pine!  Letting you know, it was brewed with the mountains at heart , will definitely drink many of these.”

Adam Hernandez: “I agree with Chad; mountain pine is what I was thinking. Also the color looked great and the foam was a little light. Smells fruity but taste was piney like spruce.”

I know I can’t wait to try it during my visit to the next Brewfest! In the meantime, we’ll be sharing updates when this beer is ready for distribution.